Corporate History

1914 Mr.Tsunekichi Hattori started manufacturing handmade rice paper
1948 Converted to machine made after installing first paper machine.
1950 Established HATTORI PAPER MFG.Co.,Ltd
Mr.Toshio Hattori took up the post as first president.
Started manufacturing and sales of paper tape.
1967 Installed second paper machine and established Second main factory. Became the initiative to start manufacturing and sales of soft toilet paper.
1968 Established 3rd main factory for the production and sales of toilet paper.
1969 Joined to be the member of Ehime Pulp Cooperative, established to aim for reproduction of pulp.
1972 Ehime Pulp Cooperative's good quality recycled pulp(product name BP) production equipment was installed, and Hattori began to use their pulp.
1973 Established Fukube Company as sales department. Opened up a branch in Amagasaki, Hyogo prefecture.
1983 Established Kinsei Second Factory. Started manufacturing processed goods.
Began sales and manufacturing of tissue paper.
1984 Second Paper making machine is altered from Tanmo machine to Cylinder Jet Homer machine. Achieved increase in production volume.
1985 Adoption of latest model Rewinder for the toilet paper from Bellini, Italy. Development of embossed patterned toilet paper.
Ehime Pulp Cooperative's advanced high quality recycled pulp(product name SP) production equipment was installed, and Hattori began to use their pulp to begin the manufacturing and sales.
1986 Established of Kamibun factory. Adoption of the latest production equipment allowed increase in production volume of toilet paper and paper towels.
Mr. Toshio Hattori took the post as the chairman, and Mr. Yasumasa Hattori became the new president.
Fukube company became independent company as Hattori Co.,Ltd to reinforce in sales.
Establishment of the office in Fukuoka as Kyushu branch.
1987 Acquisition of Mendorikasei company and operates as Mendori factory to manufacture and sales of wet wipes.
1988 Ehime Pulp Cooperative's high quality recycled pulp(product name AP) production equipment was completed, and Hattori began to use their pulp.
Manufacturing and sales of New production, Aloe toilet and Aloe wet wipes began.
1990 The name of Hattori Co.,Ltd Tokyo Sales Office was altered to HATORI PAPER MFG.Co.,Ltd Tokyo Sales Office.
1991 Sold off Mendori factory and started establishment of Kinsei First Factory.
The name changed from Tokyo Sales Office to Tokyo Branch.
1992 Completion of Kinsei First Factory. Functions specially for processing wet wipes.
Acquisition of the license for Manufacture and Distributer of Cosmetics.
1994 Started sales of kitchen products under the line up of "King of the planet".
1995 Acquisition of the license for Import and Sales of Cosmetics.
1996 Mr.Yasumasa Hattori became the chairman, and Mr.Toyomasa took the post as the president.
1997 Start of the sales of WWF licensed products.
1998 Started manufacturing and sales of strongly acidic electrolysis water products.
Started the sales of toilet paper rolls, 'Melody of Four Seasons'.
2001 Achieved approval for the use of strongly acidic electrolysis water as the new ingredients for cosmetics.
Started the sales of face mask and wet cloth as cosmetic products.
Started the manufacturing and sales of alkaline water cleaning products.
2002 Installation of packaging machine for wet wipes.
2003 Register the patent for 'Katazuke poi', cooking oil disposal product.
Establishment of Osaka Sales office in Osaka.
2004 Due to the municipal mergers, the main office moved from 682 Kamibun, Kawanoe-City, Ehime to 171-1 Yamadai Kinsei-cho, Shikokuchuo-City, Ehime.
Acquisition of ISO9001
2005 'Katazuke poi' is approved to be Ehime's excellent recycled product.
2006 Organized the system to increase the product volume for lotion tissue by newly introduced rewinding machine for lotion tissue.
Installation of second packaging machine for wet wipes. Increased in the volume of production for alkaline water
2007 Mr. Toyomasa Hattori took the post as chairman, and Mr.Masakazu Hattori became the president.
Acquisition of the permission for manufacturing quasi-pharmaceutical products.
2008 Started the development of 'sndek' as its own brand.
'sndek' is admitted as the business of practical usage of regional resource.
2009 Installation of the packaging machine for producing handy type of wet tissue.
Renewal of the equipment to achieve production volume for the kitchen paper.
2012 Started the sales of 'SO_SUI'.
Installation of the facility equipment to manufacture liquid ingredients for cosmetics.
2013 Installation of loading machine for packaging the face mask.
  Started the sales of 'SO_SUI' face mask.
Started the sales of Alkaline electrolysis water cleaning products in China.