Message from the CEO・Management principle


We strive to be the one to create the potential of water and paper.
'Inspiration' motivates us to do better for the next challenge.


Masakazu Hattori

Heading to make a worldwide environmental contribution.

Started off as hand made rice paper manufacturer, we have long been manufacturing and distributing households paper products such as toilet paper.
However, facing the environmental problem represented as in global warming, we came to the point of view, what we  can do in product development, so that we can hand down to the beautiful sea, river, and lakes to the next generation.

One way to stop the global warming is cutting down on CO2. Cutting down on the emission as well as increasing the absorption of CO2, many companies in many countries are putting effort on afforestation.

In the meantime, we think seaweed forest must be protected by the most, which, the quantity of carbon dioxide absorption by photosynthesis is said to be 3 more times than that of rain forest.
Environmental pollution of the seashore impurities the seawater, becoming the obstacle of seaweed photosynthesis, causing the reduction of seaweed forest.
Also, 60 to 70% of the source of water pollution is due to the domestic sewage, and kitchen sewage is the most polluted amongst the all.
Therefore, we came to consider the development of the products that can avoid pollution from household drain, and make a contribution to global warming.

3 major closed water of Japan, Inland Sea, Tokyo Bay, and Ise Bay have not long been successful on the improvement of water quality.
Our factory is based on the shore of Inland Sea. We develop the products that will avoid draining of oil and leftover from the household, so that to protect Inland Sea and the sea of Japan.
The products range are,wiping paper kitchen paper and  'Katazuke Poi' ,all of which are made from recycled paper,non pulp paper and recycled toilet paper.
Another operation we have is electrolysis water business. One of the product in operation is the production and sales of wet wipes that does not contain synthetic surfactant made from petroleum,
but contains soda electrolysis water, which is gentle on the human beings and water environment.

Another product on the commercial base is the product using acid electrolysis water, and without alcohol and paraben. We have acquired the license to sell the products under the category of cosmetics.

We are distributing the products nationwide, in the aim to enable as many people as possible to use our products.
In this way, we believe to make the contribution to the society.

It is our appointed task, and we strive for, to bring the product in wide use all over the world, and to make worldwide environmental contribution.

HATTORI PAPER MFG.Co.,Ltd Masakazu Hattori