Strong Acidic electrolysis water



About strong acidic electrolysis water

It is PH2.7 water attained from electrolyzed pure water.
Strong acidic electrolysis water possess sterilize effect, which is used to disinfect the hands and fingers of the doctors and nurse at the medical facilities.
It is also used to rinse and cleanse endoscope.
One of the significant characteristic about Strong acidic electrolysis water, which is used in medical facilities, is that it has not been reported any side effects.

In the field of cosmetics, it is known to have effectiveness as astringent(tightening and maintaining elasticity on the skin.)
We are making use of this featuring characteristic of Strong acidic electrolysis water,manufacture and sell wet wipes to keep skin condition healthy.


In the fast environment changing of recent years, there is an increase in people having trouble with dryness of the skin.
There are increasing people with low physical skin barrier,vulnerable from the stimulus from outside, and having trouble with roughness.
What is needed is hypoallergenic, and not to feel foreign substance for skin.

Skin care from HATTORI PAPER

The Strong Acidic electrolysis water products from HATTORI PAPER have following features.

◆Antioxidant...Avoid production of reactive oxygen which is a primary factor to fatty acid peroxide, which deteriorates metabolism.
◆Medicine free...Not only free of substance that may cause allergy on the skin, but totally medicine free.
◆Fragrance free, No artificial color...that may aggravate the skin.
◆Tested for safety...cell safety test executed regarded the index of cell inhibition of multiplication.

That is why it is gentle to the skin.

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